National Consumer Protection Week

This week is National Consumer Protection Week, a special time of the year when many organizations place heavy emphasis on enhancing public awareness regarding the deceptive practices of unscrupulous scoundrels. In support of this cause, Own Your Defense will release a “How to” series of creative ideas each day this week that will offer tips on how the public can defend themselves against the ill-intent of scammers and thieves.

Though the tips presented here will aid those who want to avoid becoming a victim, they are only useful if they’re utilized. It takes both awareness and knowledge to defeat criminals, and while not every attack by a criminal can be avoided, the potential damage they cause can be contained. Those who fail to take precautions to limit the risk of attack by a scammer and the damage caused when they are attacked will eventually endure substantial loss. Don’t allow yourself to be victimized by bandits who wants to cause you serious harm to enrich themselves.

Just like any profession, you must train yourself to be able to identify and avoid scams. A surgeon must learn the skills of her trade before she can carve out a malignant cancer, and so you too must learn how to recognize when you’re under attack and how to respond to that attack.

Study the vault of knowledge on this website and others to give yourself a well-rounded, built in resource to protect yourself from criminals in the years ahead. The strategies and tips you learn today could very well save you from considerable harm tomorrow. Use your time wisely.