A New Year’s resolution to keep yourself safe from thieves

The New Year is upon us. What will this year’s resolution be? Among whatever you may choose to accomplish in 2017, I encourage you to add one more item – read a new article on how to protect yourself from scammers and thieves each week.

Http://OwnYourDefense.net is a valuable resource for learning how to protecting yourself against those who would cause you harm, but you don’t have to limit yourself to this website. There are many other websites that have beneficial content worthy of your time. The following is a list that you should bookmark in your browser. As a reminder to review their contents regularly, subscribe to emails and alerts from each website. It will not only help avoid the excuse that you forgot about them, it will also keep you informed whenever they post new content.

If you have additional websites that have been helpful to your education on protecting yourself from scammers and thieves, send them to defender(at)ownyourdefense.net for possible inclusion in a future article.

Stay safe in 2017!