How to prevent business bullies from ripping you off

It’s easier than ever to share stories of unpleasant interactions with businesses. Turn on the news station or social media and watch as unhappy customers share their experiences with indifferent and unresponsive companies. When a business doesn’t treat you with the respect and responsiveness you deserve, what do you do about it?

One of the strongest ways you can protest what you consider an undesirable situation is to vote with your feet. Take yourself and your business elsewhere.

A blow to a business’s bottom line is sometimes the only way to compel a company to change its behavior. When you’ve severed ties with the company, share your experience with others and tell them why you decided to take the action you did. Leave it up to them to choose whether or not conduct transactions with the company.

Never let a business tell you how to spend your money or what you should believe is right. You are in command of yourself and your resources. Take command and only work with those businesses where you feel comfortable and valued. Accepting anything else is selling yourself short.

If a company doesn’t respond to your concerns to your satisfaction, spend your dollars elsewhere.

Only you can determine which businesses you choose to interact with. It’s your choice, not theirs, and you deserve the respect your decision to interact with them merits. If a company fails to give you the value you seek, the protection you need, or the livelihood you want, go somewhere else. Do your research online and find reviews from others who have completed transactions with businesses where you might want to establish a new partnership. Unless you’re satisfied with what you find, keep looking.

Don’t settle for a less than what you desire when interacting with a business. If you let a business tell you how you’re going to live your life or spend your resources, then that business is controlling you. Take back the power and say no to undesirable situations. If enough people tell this business no, the company will be forced to either change its behavior or go out of business.

A business operates on revenue. Take that away, and the business will fail.

Removing your dollars from a company’s wallet or your expertise from a business’s workforce is the only way to change a business’s behavior over time. You have the choice to take your money and your presence where you want. Exercise that choice liberally to get what you desire and reward those companies that choose to listen to your needs.