Evil preys on the uninformed to survive. It uses many disguises to convince a target of its righteous or indispensable purpose, and it strikes swiftly to slip past a target’s defenses before they can be deployed. Will you be ready when evil targets you?

Own Your Defense is a website designed to provide you with two powerful tools that will aid you in your quest to defend against a criminal’s evil intent – awareness and knowledge. Awareness keeps you in the know about a criminal’s latest schemes. Pair that awareness with the knowledge you need to avoid becoming a scammer’s next victim, and you’ll stand a far greater chance of shielding your assets and your identity from their evil intent.

The title of the website tells you everything you need to know about surviving a thief’s attack. Nobody will stand between you and a fraudster’s manipulative scheme when it’s launched against you. No law enforcement agency can guarantee you’ll get money back when scammers fool you into handing it over. Nobody can erase your personal information from the deepest underground caverns of the Internet if an identity thief fools you into giving your data to him or her.

You are the only person capable of preventing a thief from stealing what’s yours. It’s up to you to learn when you’re under attack by a criminal, and you must stop the attack before it’s successful.

You must own your defense.

You’re not alone in your quest to defend yourself against fraud. Everyone is a potential target for underhanded thieves looking for easy money, and each documented attack some crook employs is a potential resource for you to learn how they implement their latest tricks and traps. The more you learn about how criminals deploy their trickery, the greater the chance you’ll be able to identify their attacks when they target you – and they will find you. You will be targeted, sooner or later. Prepare yourself in advance of that attack and you’ll have a greater chance at stopping it.

Study the material on https://ownyourdefense.net for tips on how to keep your money in your own pockets and download the free ebook Power Word NO. Also, be sure to review other fraud prevention websites regularly to learn about the latest fraudulent schemes.

Keep learning, and always remember that you are your first and best line of defense against criminal intents.