Don’t let a checkbox make your purchase decision for you

There are many options to choose from when making a purchase online. Does one buy the basic service or a more robust offering? Should a person sign up for certain add-ons, short or long durations of service, or perhaps a version with unlimited access? Whatever options are available, a person is usually required to select the desired features before completing purchase. With some digital purchases, however, the decision is already made for you.

When making a purchase online, don’t assume the seller has the options that serve your best interest pre-selected. Quite often, pre-selected options are additional features you may not need or will never use, but will generate greater income for the company selling them.

To avoid buying more than you need, and paying the price, always check to see if the options the company pre-selected for you are the ones you want. Scroll down the entire page of the offering and review each option on the page. Pre-checked boxes may be the highest level of service the company has to offer, and if you don’t uncheck it and check the service version you really want, you’ll pay a higher fee than you were expecting. Also, check to see if optional extra features are pre-checked for you. If a box next to a service or feature that you don’t want is checked, you’re signing up for it unless you uncheck the box.

Making purchases online is a convenient way to buy, but it could come with unexpected charges unless you review everything you’re signing up for, including pre-checked boxes. Always review what you’re buying before clicking the Next or Buy buttons. It might take a few more moments to complete the purchase, but it’ll save you a great deal of money in the long run.