5 ways to keep your packages safe during the holidays

During the holidays, friends and family gather to devour good food, share stories, and enjoy each other’s company. It’s also a time when thieves are out in force looking to make their own holidays bright – by stealing your packages.

Criminals are monitoring porches, following delivery vehicles, and doing whatever they can to find packages left on doorsteps across America. They’re looking for those special items you ordered online, and if they find them unattended outside your residence, they will steal them.

How can you prevent these scumbags from taking your valuables? Here are five easy tips that will help you keep your purchases this holiday season:

  • Request signature confirmation. This will make sure that your package is only delivered if you’re there to receive it.
  • Sign up for an email alert from the delivery company when your package is going to be delivered and have someone pick it up for you if you’re unable to be there yourself.
  • Request an alternative delivery point where someone will be available to accept your package such as a workplace or friends house.
  • Have the package rerouted to the delivery company’s facility and retrieve it later.
  • Add instructions for delivery that tells the carrier to place the package in a more secured location on your property such as behind a fence.

When finalizing your online purchase orders this season, be sure to review your shipping options and take steps to secure your valuables before they’re sent for delivery to your home. It will help make sure that you receive what you paid for and keep your purchases out of the hands of criminals.