Don’t let thieves pinch your holiday packages

As holiday shopping ramps up this season, so does the opportunity for thieves to benefit from increased home deliveries.

Thieves are driving through neighborhoods at this very moment, looking for packages left on porches by delivery companies. When criminals find these tempting mystery boxes, they quickly check their surroundings to make sure nobody is watching. When they’re certain they aren’t the focus of a neighbor’s curiosity, thieves boldly walk up to a porch, snatch these boxes, and return to their cars, fleeing the scene with their illegally obtained goods.

While it can be difficult to catch these brazen thieves who often exercise their criminal talents during broad daylight, there are steps you can take to minimize the risk that a package thief will steal your holiday goodies.

Here are five easy tips that will help you keep your purchases this holiday season:

  • Request signature confirmation. This will make sure that your package is only delivered if you’re there to receive it.
  • Sign up for an email alert from the delivery company when your package is going to be delivered and have someone pick it up for you if you’re unable to be there yourself.
  • Request an alternative delivery point where someone will be available to accept your package such as a workplace or friends house.
  • Have the package rerouted to the delivery company’s facility and retrieve it later.
  • Add instructions for delivery that tells the carrier to place the package in a more secure location on your property such as behind a fence

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