Home repairs could cause more harm than good – keep an eye on “experts”

The purchase price of a home isn’t the endpoint of expenses. Over time, appliances wear out, plumbing gets clogged, bugs invade, and Mother Nature can throw more at a home than it can handle. When the skill required to make these repairs is beyond that of the homeowner, it’s time to hire an expert. But not all experts are alike, and some might cause additional damage to items in the home – and deny any involvement.

When an expert causes damage to property in or around a home, and denies involvement, it might be the homeowner’s word against the expert’s in court. Without witnessing the event or evidence of the expert’s culpability, it might be difficult to prove fault. If the expert you hire to make repairs to your home causes damage to it, how do you prove it?

Take the following steps before and during a home repair to make sure the process concludes to your satisfaction:

  • Before a home repair begins, videotape the work area and areas in the home the expert might traverse leading to the work area. Note the day and time in the video and discuss the work the expert is about to perform as well as the name of the expert to perform it. If the expert denies causing the damage or claims the damage existed before the work began, you’ll have the evidence you need to refute that claim and hold the person responsible.
  • While work is being performed, and if possible, consider setting up a camera to film it in progress. If something unfortunate happens during the work, you’ll have the event on video to review how it occurred. The video can be used later on as evidence should the individual responsible deny involvement in the event.
  • Never leave home while work is being performed. The expert is more likely to be honest regarding any damage he or she might cause if the owner is there to witness it.

A successful home repair requires more than picking a person or company to complete the job. It means taking the necessary steps to prevent a person from denying responsibility for the damage he or she might cause while in the performance of that job. Your caution could be your salvation in the event of a repair mishap.

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